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Who on earth would believe that. What about a few realistic limits; time and money for starters.

Dreams should be big. So big the idea of them coming through scares the pants off you. We’re great at writing goals which are pretty much just achievable next steps. But do you ever dream?

Do you know how to dream? It’s not something that is generally on the educational curriculum and that combined with most parents desire for us to get a ‘steady job’ we do not tend to identify and follow our dreams. Some lucky people have done and have been very successful in doing so. Both as a personal success and financial success story.

Who is your follow your dream hero?

If you dared to dream – what would you dream of ? A man? A wife? A house? A car ? A holiday? A well paid job? Write a book? Quit your job? Climb a mountain? Sail some seas?

Everyone’s dreams are different but they have a few things in common:

  • it is truly something that our heart desires
  • it is scary big and we cannot see the whole path to get there when we start
  • we know it’s part of the reason we are here on this planet

Dreams with no limits are real dreams. They are coming from the heart. It is only our head that will give us all the limits and why it wont happen.

One way to start dreaming if you don’t already know what your dreams are is to create a vision board. If you are not familiar with this, it is simply a board or sheet of cardboard / poster paper with a collection of images and words that you would like to have in your life. It is uncensored in that you do not have to figure out how to achieve any of these right now.

Give your heart some play time here and give your mind a rest. You can either find the images and anything that resonates in magazines or you can use new-age technology and take your pick from images on the internet.

Let loose and dream a little – have fun – enjoy!