Follow Your Purpose

We all have a purpose in life, something beyond our list of chores and paying bills.

It’s following our purpose, that lights us up and brings that true sense of fulfilment to our lives.

It means living beyond the feeling that you’re on the hamster-wheel as you do more of what you love and are drawn to.

You won’t flip the switch or jump off that hamster-wheel overnight but … is it time you started on the journey?


A journey of uncovering your true gifts and talents and brining them to the fore-front of our life…..creating a life that you feel energized by, with more passion and zest!
In this 6 week course you will
– connect with your purpose and passion in life and find renewed zest for that it is you want to achieve
– deepen your self-belief. Yes! you can do it!
– learn tools and techniques to move beyond what is holding you back
– end limiting beliefs, stories, labels and ‘rules’ that simply don’t serve you
– understand the Law of Attraction and how to co-create the opportunities that you need
– connect with the possibilities and renew your energy for your journey ahead

You were put on this earth to acheive your greatest self, to live out your purpose and to do it courageously.

– Dr Steve Maraboli

Program outline

Week 1 – Connecting with your Vision

Re-ignite and create that big vision of what it is you want to do? What is it that you want to create in this one precious life of yours? Once we get clear on what it is we want, it’s easier to know what we have to do, as well as opening to the possibilities of making it a reality.

Week 2 – Following your Intuition

Your intuition truly holds the blueprint to your success. There’s a world of information out there on how to do everything.
Learning how to listen to your intuition will help you decide your best actions in a world full of noise, opinions and overloaded with ‘how-to’s’.

Week 3 – Overcoming resistance and sabotage

Fears are a part of the package of following your purpose. If it was easy, you’d have gone and done it already – right ?

We’ll look at tools and techniques to help you move beyond your fears, resistance and patterns of sabotage so that you can stay out of ‘stuckness’, maintain traction and get stuff done!

Week 4 – Finding what supports you in your journey

Everything from self-care, to finding others who can help you and also that sisterhood (or wing-man) support you need along the way. We’ll also look at your decision making and how to truly know what is your right choice in those crossroads that appear on your path.

Week 5 – Mindset for Success

Our mind chatter can be our biggest friend or foe.

In this week we will explore how to successfully change your mindset to be more positive and compassionate to yourself as you explore the next part of your journey.  We will also look into Ego v’s living from your heart-space – a journey to the real you, your passion and dreams.

Week 6 – Habits for lasting Happiness

Life doesn’t really have to be hard and we can certainly make it easier by creating Happiness Habits. We will explore different elements of what brings happiness and how to create habits that last, for the long haul.

The meaning of life is to find your gifts. The purpose of life is to give it away.

– Pablo Picasso

Are you ready to Follow Your Purpose and passions in life with renewed zest and belief in yourself?

Dates: Thursdays 6 weeks Oct 5th – Nov 9th
Time: 7:30 – 9:30pm
Location:  The Holistic Centre of Ireland, 183 Rathmines Rd. Lower, Dublin 6

Dublin 6


More Information?
please contact Noelle
@087 3575106
Investment:   240 euro

Pay here via paypal/credit card
or secure your place via phone and pay at the course.


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