The Art of Empowerment

increasing your confidence and inner strength to be who you truly are and bring more of you to the world around you. Empowerment also means that you are directing your life and living on purpose.

It’s an art and a practice to live your life in an empowered way. Our lives are full of people, relationships and demands – it’s a lot easier to nativage life’s challenges when we feel Empowered. Confidence. Motivated. Passionate and a Zest for life.

> Empowerment brings that change in your experience of life that you long for.

> Empowerment is putting YOU in the center of your life.

> Empowerment is changing your world, from the inside out. It may feel like doing a 180, but in a good way.

> Empowerment is when become the person you were born to be and open up your world to doing the things you truly love.

No more dreams, no more wishes. Let’s start making this your reality

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart Noelle for the energizing, inspiring empowerment workshop”

I’m really enjoying the shifts and lovely surprises that are happening as a result of your intuition, wisdom, knowledge and experience. The work we did is truly magical and seems to have happened on a spiritual, mental, physical and even emotional level. But the real test is its practical and manageable – we can be inspired by a workshop then revert to old patterns when back in the reality of our lives. There were light bulb moments galore.


Empowerment is an art, a skill and something that is achieved through practice

Our one day Workshop will cover:


  • Thoughts, self talk and managing emotions for empowerment
  • Identifying your needs, wants and desires
  • Identifying your triggers and trip ups
  • Learning to express yourself, unapologetically
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Esteem, confidence that will lead to lasting empowerment
This workshop will give you the opportunity to uncover your specific path and give you a framework that you can integrate into your daily living to make lasting changes.


This is a spiritual based workshop that encompasses Coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques.

Are you ready to feel more Empowered?

More confident and living your life on purpose?

Date: Saturday 11th November
Time: 10:00 – 4:30pm
Location: Holistic Center of Ireland, 183 Rathmines Rd. Lower, Dublin 6
More Information?
please contact Noelle
@087 3575106
Investment:   80 euro

Pay here via paypal/credit card
or secure your place via phone and pay at the course.

"Many thanks for an inspiring workshop."

The exercises we worked through raised many questions within me, and your guidance and the group discussions were a great help. I left the workshop feeling energised and ready to make positive changes in my life. I loved the format of the day and you pitched everything perfectly.


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