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End of a phase, children leaving school, end of year, strategy sessions, deaths and so many more markers in our lives can be the trigger for lamenting the passing of time.  The trigger for nostalgia and an answer to the question – where have the years gone ?


Our life has changed, moved on and yet we can be in the same place.Time



Time can bring us places, time can be a healer, but it’s what we do in the time we have is what truly makes the difference {read: let’s make the most of it!}




Intention v’s Action

All plans, ideas and strategies are at best intentions. A plan or an aim of what we want to do. It’s as pie in the sky as planning to win the lottery without buying a ticket and being in the draw, several tickets perhaps.

Action creates results and brings the intention to form or reality. What drives the action is our alignment and how much we really feel in tune with our intention.

But other stuff gets in the way right ?

The truth is no, not really, only when we allow it. When we give ourselves permission to slip back into our comfort zone, to what we know too well, akin to putting on our slippers – ahhh, there we are – much easier…. there we will stay. We will slip back into old habits and patterns and allow the other stuff to get in the way. We let it in.

There is a certain disillusionment with plans not coming to fruition. There’s nothing or no-one to blame except ourselves. Anything we want is possible. We only have to believe in it enough.

The tipping point to consistent action and becoming ruthless in our pursuit to create the situation, environment, relationship, opportunity or results that we want comes about when the cost of not doing becomes high. It’s not a dollar price. It’s a price to us. Our happiness, our desire, our sense of being, of who we are.

No matter how painful or uncomfortable it is for us to  take consistent, maybe bold action, no matter what the fears or block we have to overcome;  it becomes easier to go that path than staying as is.

It becomes the phase where the intention is at the foremost of our minds and drives persistent action.


The dress rehearsal ends; lights, camera, action and we’re on!

It’s easier to observe this in life or death situations or in very serious circumstances. Focus on the intention drives the action. There is only  one thing on our minds and everything else fades into insignificance. There are few or no distraction. Creativity, resourcefulness, possibility thinking and problem solving come out to play: strong.

Non life or death situations are different but we can use the same principles. Use the focus and attention to drive persistent action. Once we get on a roll with it we will get into our zone of genius and tap into the same attributes; creativity, resourcefulness, possibility thinking and problem solving . These are useful when we are trying to create time and resources. Even more so for creating opportunities and removing obstacles.


We are masters of our own destiny.


And destiny happens with focused intention and persistent action.