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How Coaching Enhances Business Success

How Coaching Enhances Business Success

Sometimes, those of us who are into coaching struggle to explain why it’s so darn helpful. Whether we’re the coach or the one getting coached, we usually just share success stories to prove our point. But that doesn’t cut it. If you’re curious about coaching, getting coached, or introducing coaching throughout your organization, you should be able to spell out what’s really going on inside the heads and hearts of the folks being coached as they spend time with their coaches.

Research is now making this clear. Several recent studies show that coaching facilitates what’s called “psychological capital” (PsyCap for short).¹

Psychological capital contributes to increased overall well-being. Having hope, self-efficacy, resilience, and optimism can help individuals better cope with stress, enhance their emotional and mental health, and experience a higher level of life satisfaction.

It’s not just about having happier employees.
Psychological capital translates to business outcomes.