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Permission to Dream

I’ve noticed that one thing that people who self-confess that they are lacking in confidence or perhaps have gotten stuck in a rut have got in common – they lack dreams for their future.
I’m hugely into being happy and content in our lives right now and I don’t believe in escapism or living in la-la land.
But dreams are necessary.
Dreams are what we are looking forward to and anticipating in the future. They don’t have to be massive, we just need to have something to focus our thought and actions towards.

Dreams keep us looking to the future and stop us from looking at the past which is gone

Don’t live your life looking in the rear-view mirror, there’s a road up ahead ! Life is ever changing whether we want it to or not. Being open to change makes it easier for us to navigate the challenges and discomfort of changes when they happen. If we are anticipating something it’s as if we begin to focus on the road ahead, keeping an eye on the horizon, looking for the opportunities, watching for those dreams and desires to come true.

If you’re not even looking for opportunities, you won’t see them. Don’t make them come smack you in the face.

For those who have been burnt and kicked in the ass by life, it can be hard to regain trust and confidence again. And that is exactly where we need to give ourselves permission to dream. It’s ok to start over. IT is ok to trust again. Most times those curve-balls came to us in life because there was something for us to learn. So when we’ve done that, it’s simply time to move on, perhaps on a new path, a new direction … whatever it is for you… it’s just time to dream.

Always dream.

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