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Never fear the funk

funk: a state of depression or low mood

We can be hit with a funk at any time. Quiet often they come out of the blue, all was going well, we had the next phase planned out but somehow funk snuck in when we least expected it. Life is not meant to be perfect, our lives and our growth as human beings is not linear. In fact the bigger the leap you are trying to make, the forward steps have obviously got to be bigger and it seems that the backward steps, our funky steps, just have to match.

Funk is just an emotional state, it’s just a downer. We label our emotions too much. Feeling you’re in a funk is just as valid as feeling you’re so happy that you’re grinning from ear to ear. Both are equally valid. All emotions and feelings are transient. Just as our happy phase ran through and ran out, so too will the funk. Think of the funk as the stormy days and blue skies will return soon.

Funk is necessary. How would it change your life and your experience if you could friend your funk?

In order for us to grow, to heal our soul wounds, funk is a given. Our funk, suffering, tough times, depression is our contraction. After contraction comes expansion. You cannot continuously expand, human nature doesn’t allow it. Time is irrelevant; whether your funk lasts 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days or 5 weeks*, it’s just contraction. In these times of contraction, we find where we need to go. Contraction is our key to growth. I like to think of contraction as get and down and dirty with some part of you or your story that you need to shed. Getting into it energetically is what brings the funk, it’s a low energy that you need to shift, to release, to burn off. In your expansive phase, you will be lighter, brighter and happier, one sure step more into your essential-self.

Five keys to surviving your funky times

1. Dont fear the funk

See your funk as a gift, your growth gift. It’s part of your cycle of expansion. Facing your funk with fear or running away from it, is adding a layer of resistance to it. What we resist persists. Embrace your funk and use the image of walking through a tunnel of darkness to allow yourself to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. You will find your new gift(s) when the energy has shifted.

2. Witness it

Try to stay in the state of observing yourself without any judgment; your thoughts, feelings, moods and energy. Try to remain as detached as possible and not get caught up in the drama. Just allow yourself to be the way you are. It’s ok. It’s a part of a change and shift. Let it happen.

3. Re-group and re-ground

Accept that this is a low energy time. Expect little of yourself and rest as much as you can. Be gentle with yourself and accept that this is all part of the plan and necessary for you. Do everything you can to BE more and DO less. Be still, rest, meditate, easy walks in nature, journaling, eat well, drink tons of water, only do what nurtures your soul.

4. Allow the energy shifts

At some point your energy will start shifting. When this starts to happen, allow it to. Drop any stories of ‘I’m always like this for X time’ etc. Just allow your energy to ebb and flow. Don’t stay in the funk for the drama. Allow yourself to lift out of it when the time is right. Don’t want it or wish for it. Don’t force the energy shifts and don’t be afraid of them either. This storm will pass and when it does, put away your umbrella.

5. Look out for people who are being brought to help you

A funk is about growth, truly at our soul level. It’s part of our journey in life, to heal our disconnect within, to find our happiness, peace and sense of joy in life. The world is full of beautiful souls and we are all interconnected, it is all organized for us. When you are in a funk and shifting your energy through changing your thoughts, beliefs, long held stories and feelings, the Universe will bring you the people you need to help and support you. You do not, and should not, do it alone. You’re covered, the Universe has got you. Look out for those people who have their arms stretched out and are waiting to grasp your hand, hold it, walking this part of your journey with you.

*Time is irrelevant in the spiritual belief that we are always exactly where we are meant to be. Funk is my word for the depression or low energy phases that in my experience and others who I know. In any cases of depression, support is vital; medical, psychotherapy, psychiatric help should be sought for deeper or more persistent phases of depression.

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