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Navigating Wellbeing Diversity: Strategies for Tailored Employee Engagement

Recently I had a conversation with a manager about a Wellbeing afternoon she had recently held for her Staff (30+ attendees).

Some of the staff gave negative feedback after the event, saying they would have preferred to have the hours spent at the event as free/off-work time.

This particular manager was quite philosophical about it, saying

you’re never going to please everyone all of the time”.

[To note in this business case, time off work is not an option].

It’s true – you won’t please everyone all of the time.

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So how to approach Wellbeing needs of your staff?

It’s important to keep in mind that Wellbeing has a different meaning to everyone at different times.

There are many models for Wellbeing, but the simple one I like is – addressing the Needs in our 4 different Bodies.

Examples of the Needs for each of the 4 bodies.

1. Physical: exercise, nutrition, sleep

2. Emotional: connection, support, empathy

3. Mental: learning, stimulation, mindfulness

4. Spiritual: reflection, meditation, inspiration

What fills those Needs:

  1. Physical: outdoor activity or walk in nature
  2. Emotional: group discussion and sharing circle
  3. Mental: mindfulness practice and gratitude journaling
  4. Spiritual: guided meditation and visualization exercises

Tips for Managers & Leaders:

  • Having a blend of Wellbeing events, structured as a program is hugely beneficial to your staff
  • Start small, low budget. Focus on consistency in a program
  • Ask for feedback and ideas for future wellbeing events
  • Bring awareness to the program and to which Body/Need is the focus for each session
  • Be cognisant that your go-to solution is not on ‘rinse and repeat’ and that your overall program has variety, so that over-time, everyone and every Body-Needs are met.

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