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I’ve begun to wonder lately is there any end to the stories that we tell ourselves?
Is there any limit to how our thoughts and beliefs can hold us back?
Is doing the work a continuous effort because we keep getting in our own way?
Another bullshit thought coming up to replace the one you just stripped out and dumped?

It’s a bit like playing whack-a-mole. The kids game where you have a mini baseball bat and those little heads keep popping out of the board as you whack ’em senseless.


When do you stop the game ?


When do you stop with the endless, circular thoughts? When do you stop telling yourself the stories? When do you tell yourself – you are perfect just the way you are? When do you start telling yourself that you are good enough? When do you tell yourself a real ‘yes’ that allows you to just go and do?.


When to you make a change that sticks?
No more second guessing. No more waiting. No more wanting. No more thinking. No more talking. No more excuses. Just go and do.


Is it fear that keeps us stuck?


People talk about the fear of failure, even the fear of success. What if you can see yourself as successful and you get the calm ‘yup, I’m ready for that’ feeling. What if you can see yourself make a big mistake and be able to allow yourself permission to do that, knowing that you will say to yourself ‘that’s ok. I’ll just learn from it and move on’. What if you can see yourself fail, your outright worst case scenario and still be okay with it knowing that you are not going to lose everything as a result.

You’re okay with the ‘risk it for a biscuit’ scenario that is ahead of you.

What does it mean if you’re just not scared? – what the heck is holding you stuck?


I had a bit of a moment of clarity this week. It came as a slipper kick coaching sessions. You know the ones where you KNOW you need a boot up the arse but you don’t really want it to hurt. You’re praying in advance that the boss lady has her slippers on, for your comfort!


And there I was, telling my story of how I was struggling to let go of my ‘past’ story. The funny thing about this story  it epitomizes EVERYTHING about the Law of Attraction. Whatever your internal reality (thoughts, emotions and beliefs) is created in your external reality. If someone ever decided to make a movie like ‘The Secret’ on the negative side of the emotional scale, I could give them the full script. (Funny how this stuff doesn’t attract the millions like the positive end of the scale!)


And there it was, she asked the question “What makes you think that you are so special that the Law of Attraction won’t work for you?”




Slipper kick.


My fear or stuck-ness is around believing that the good shit is going to happen.


Do I really think that I’m so special that the Universe says “Only for you Noelle, we change the rules. You lost when you were lost. But now, you’ve done the work, walked your walk and since you’re in a really good place, we’ll just give you stuff that’s between shit and mediocrity”. A whole Universal Law just for me? really? I guess not.

You know, I don’t even need to believe in good shit happening. All I need to believe is that I’m in a good place… well I know that. I feel it. I see evidence of things happening for me every day. Without any effort. Sweet synchronicities in my Vortex. And there I was stuffing down my Vortex – em hello ? !


All I have to do is stop thinking that I’m special.

And sorry to burst your bubble. You’re not that special either {slipper kick!}

Let’s see what the Universe has for me …. and you