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I came to learn about manifesting backwards. By that I mean I learned by doing and then years later I watched ‘The Secret’ and read some books. It was great to get the ‘hands on experience’ and learn by doing and then understand the theory and the practice afterwards. I’ve many stories of manifesting successes that makes it easier for me to trust that it actually does work.

The most common mis-conception that newbie manifestors have is that Manifesting is a bit like an ordering service: Ask, Believe, Receive. It sounds a bit like dial-a-pizza ordering service. It’s not really that simple. Manifesting is co-creating with the Universe. The Universe is not going to just throw everything you ask for your way. If it was that simple, it would be known as super-Santa Claus.

There are times however when the Universe does deliver – and does it fast.
If you need a delivery quickly, here’s what to ask for to collapse your time-lines, and get the Universe to deliver like fast food!

1. Ask for a feeling or growth

The purest form of asking for what you want to manifest is to ask for the feeling that you desire. Any emotion that moves us towards love is fully supported by the Universe and brought to us quickly. Of course, if you set your intention and ask for a feeling, you have to be very open to the form in which it arrives into your life. Be open to surprises. I once asked for more patience and ended up with a puppy being added to our family. It brought me patience and lots of fun and happy days!


2. Ask for helpOrdering

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do everything yourself. After all we are co-creating with the Universe. Ask the Universe to support you and hand over some of your to-do list to the Universe. This will teach you to trust. Trusting is often the hardest part for us to learn. Ask for what you need. Don’t get into the specifics of how it will be delivered. For example if you need money to buy a course, don’t get into asking for X sales to make the money that you need to buy your place. Ask for a place on the course. Trust that you will get it. Be open to receive.


3. Ask for something to show you are on the right track

For entrepreneurs who are starting out in business and wanting to pursue making a living from their passion and what feels like their live purpose, ask for a sign to show you that you are on the right track. You can simply ask for a sign. The sign can come in so many different ways. It can literally be a sign, a printed flyer, a person with a message, an unexpected opportunity, success in selling your product or service – the list is endless. What you can expect is a meaningful message to arrive to you. Synchronicities are moments of meaningful coincidence. There is no coincidence however, it is your ‘reply’ from the Universe that you are on the right track. The Universe does like to have some fun with these too!

Over to you:

What are you going to ask for ?

While working your way to your big dreams and desires, what can you ask for today that will help build your confidence in your manifesting powers?



Keep your intentions pure and the Universe will always hear you.