Bringing light into our darkness

I hear fears. I hear worries. I hear the questions that have no answers just yet.

There is darkness, fear and suffering. We live in a world of duality. It means that there is also light, hope and healing. Each phase of our life brings different challenges, the opportunity to grow and perhaps this is the immediate challenge for many, for a better future for us all.

We live in a time of global awakening

We know that’s a good thing. Awakening comes through suffering.
This is how we evolve.
How many people do you know have gotten serious ill in life and came out the other end with a new view on what’s really important in life?
Everyone I know did.

How many people do you know suffered loss in their life and came out the other end with a purpose or calling and created something wonderful from it?
I know so many of these stories.

How many people do you know were pushed into darkness and came out the other end with an inspiring story to share with others that helps other people to grow?
We love those stories.

There is no spiritual by-pass. If we want to evolve as a human race, there will be contraction before the expansion. The expansion will be worth it.

We all need to be the light

There are two basic emotions; fear and love. Everything else is somewhere on the scale in between.

Fear is the lowest vibration and near it sits; anger, depression, worry, shame, blame. Love is the highest vibration and it’s buddies are joy, gratitude, happiness and so on. We don’t have to fake joy or feel it every day. You should feel what you feel with no judgment. Behind every feeling there is a need, so don’t deny yourself what it is you need.

It doesn’t matter how worried you might feel right now, all that matters is whether you are turned towards fear or turned towards love.Girl does yoga at sunset on top of a mountain
Feeling worried and facing fear will lead to overwhelm, paralysis and keep you stuck in worry. Worry eventually becomes praying for what you don’t want to happen. Fright mode.

Feeling worried and facing love allows hope, opportunity, solutions, alternative planning. It keeps us on high alert, watching and planning our response. It will enable us to take action when we need to. Flight mode.

It’s not where you are -it’s where you are going to. Make love your intention, your motivation. Turn towards love, towards the light.

Bring the energy you want to experience

America is divided right now. But there are many global divisions worldwide; wars, racism, sexism, politics.
We need to get people on the same page here, all seeing the light. That doesn’t happen with the energy of “I’m right, you’re wrong”. Blaming, shaming, bullying or fighting will not solve the fight.
Don’t meet fire with fire.

If you want to be heard, listen to others.
If you want peace, bring peace to your discussions.
If you want resolution to conflict, be prepared to compromise and meet somewhere in common ground.
If you want to remove stress, practice letting go of your battle ground.
If you want to experience a different life, ask for change and go with the new life that comes to you.

Whatever you want to experience, become that energy first. Embody it. Breathe it. Live it. The Universal Law of Attraction will bring people and situations to you that mirror your energy. You truly are the creator of your life, in whatever corner of the world you live in. You can make it beautiful.

It’s up to all of us, individually, collectively to create the shift.

Let your light shine. Be the light to others. Let’s raise the consciousness and vibration of this planet.

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