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blueskySunday afternoon, all the chores around the house are done. Waiting for the kettle to boil, I looked out my window to the bright blue winter sky and got a huge sense of warmness and peace, my only thought – I wonder what’s ahead?

What is life going to bring me? More of this beauty and wonder at a world and life that is so much bigger than what we know? Because we don’t know what is to come. We may plan, have a bucket list, goals, intentions, aspirations, wants, needs, desires … but we really don’t have a clue. That’s not to say that we should just sit and wait for it to happen.


We don’t have all the answers. Curiosity brings an openness to life. Works well with having a general sense of direction and a plan but leaving it slightly open to the twists and turns that life brings. It might be better than what we expected. How often do we think this thought? If we could keep our curiosity about life what would it feel like ? Without fear there is no dread, not even worry. I wish I had this years ago. But I have it now and that is all that matters. Did I find it on the way up? On my trip from rock bottom? Do I have it now simply because I know that no matter what happens I can’t hit there again?


I’m not saying that that’s me done with the tough times and it’s all free-wheeling downhill from here. More shit could happen. Any imaginable disaster could strike and if they did, I’ll deal with it then. It’s time we all learned to bob on the wafers of life and roll with the bigger ones when the storm hits. As I say to they kids when they have had a bad day “‘the bad days come so that we know what the good ones look like”. It’s not about bad and good, everything passes. We need to drop the idea that life is sweet. Life is life. It’s full of contrast.


Something I wish I had years ago. Would have been easier but maybe some of us learn the hard way – scratch that – we take the scenic route to find ourselves. We find optimism. The kind of optimism that sticks, wear it like a new skin and not the type that you have to wake up to each morning to repeat mantras or affirm yourself into positivity. I wonder how many people live without optimism? and why? or how much of a persons day is spent in the pain of fear ? or stuck? or in worry? or in pain from loss ? or lost opportunities?

So all this thought from catching a glimpse of a blue sky. And it’s far from the dreamy scene of warm sand at my feet leading to a beautiful stretch warm seas, palm trees, pina colado type scene. Nope! it’s just above freezing here and I my fingernails were turning blue in the few seconds it took to snap the pic.

The world is beautiful everywhere, we just need to see it.

Life can be beautiful everyday, if we just let it happen.