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Today is Day 25. 25 days since schools were closed in Ireland.

To quote my daughter today ‘this shit’s getting old’.

One thing I’m *not* going to remind her of right now is the stark fact that we are not there yet.

At this time we do not know if the schools will re-open this school year.

At this time we do not know if the Irish state exams will happen. Not overly worried about that, thankfully neither of my daughters are in Leaving Cert year with implications of securing college places.


For me,  it doesn’t feel like 25 days.

I spent about half this time in full isolation – even our dog had to be shipped out as I couldn’t take care of her.

All of the flu and shortness of breath. It’s not the sickest I’ve been and I happily muddled through it.

Past the 14 day mark and whatever ‘itis’ I have in my lungs continues. I’ve adapted well to living at turtle speed.


But I am aware that my last day in the office and my daughters last day at school was pretty much winter.

Increasingly I am looking out my window and feeling a little heat in the sun when I open the doors and windows and realizing that spring has really arrived.

If I look at the garden I may reminisce over days at my grandmothers when I was a child when it was ‘haying season’ because that’s where I’m heading with said garden.

I’m so behind all my neighbours and their 3 weeks of pruning, weeding and mowing. First world problems and comparisons.


As parents, we have to hold it together for the younger people in our house. I too feel at times that ‘this shit’s getting old’. To feel is to be human.

Just do today


Don’t overthink and wonder how much longer this lock-down will last.

Just do today


Don’t worry about how you will fill the hours tomorrow or what next week will bring.

Just do today


Don’t think about how difficult the challenge of another week in lock-down life will be.

Just do today


And when you can’t do today…

Just do this hour

In this hour, do something that supports you; call a friend, have a nap, pick up a different book to read, get outdoors, do something you enjoy that allows you to let go of time and be in the feelings – even if it is to sit on your doorstep and listen to the sound or even silence of the world.



Just do now


Feelings last about 8 minute. Our general mood shifts over a longer period.

Sometimes we can only feel low, disheartened, bored, fed-up, sad, overwhelmed or fearful. It’s okay and it’s not permanent.

Just do today