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Inspired Action: What It Is, How To Live Your Life By It

Inspired action rarely comes into play when it comes to doing the dishes or laundry. That’s often more a reluctant or last minute action!
Anyone who has read books or listened to any amount of audio or video on Law of Attraction knows that our inspired action is what is needed in order to create and manifest what we want.
But what really is inspired action?
Inspired action is that idea or thought that literally comes out of nowhere. Your bolt from the blue. It can be funny sometimes when it happens because one of the voices in your head (come on! admit there’s a few there… we’re all friends here!) can literally say ‘oh! why didn’t I think of that?!’
The truth is that inspired action doesn’t come from our logical left side of the brain. Inspiration is never our next step. It’s bigger than that. It’s far from the obvious. More often than not, it can be off-grid and not on our radar. Inspired actions come to us when our creative mind or the right side of our brain manages to grab hold of the reins, or perhaps the megaphone in our mind for a moment. I believe also that it’s this part of our brain that is strongly linked to our soul. Perhaps it’s the side that expresses all our desires and wishes in our heart and soul.
Come with me for a moment. Most creative types (artists, singers, musicians, actors to look at traditional creative type roles) are more right brained than left brained. They have developed their creative ‘muscle’ by doing and allowing themselves to follow their passion and purpose in life. Our passion comes from our heart and our true purpose in life is to express ourselves fully in what we love doing. This is where we bring our heart and soul into the mix. Doing what we love and loving what we do.
We’re not all one of the creative types I mentioned (unless you’re 3yrs old  you are unlikely to appreciate my pencil sketches of hedgehogs). People are finding new ways through their business, their pastimes and hobbies, to be creative and more importantly, to make money by doing what they love to do. The possibilities are endless. It seems to be for every idea, there is a market that needs it, and is willing to pay.
So if those moments of blessed inspiration come to you – do you always follow them ? Are they always right ?
Certainly all your ideas and plans will still have to face the tough review of your logical mind. But don’t let logic kill your creativity. Commit to yourself that you are going to explore this new idea and what came to you out of sheer inspiration. Depending on what your inspired action is, it may be something small, quick and easy that you can just just do – nothing to lose and no one gets hurt! Other ideas will need more work. It could mean a big change in your life or business. If this is the case, take your time, let logic do it’s thing and help with the plans, tweaking, the how-to and turn that inspired idea into well thought out and planned action.
This is marrying your two best assets to bring you the best possible results. Test, experiment and be open to what could be. After all, you got that inspiration for a reason. Perhaps it is something significant? Perhaps it is guiding you to go somewhere? Perhaps it is part of a journey, up-levelling or re-direction that you need to follow to hop on or move faster on that path to your true purpose.
The more you can experiment and follow the inspired action that is fun and has little risk involved,  the more you strengthen your muscle to hear more from your creative mind. Listening to that wonderful part of you, your inspiration which is your real zone of genius and the best part of you, the more it will happen for you. It’s strengthening your inspiration muscle. Listen to those inspired ideas and learn how to translate those wonderful ideas into well thought out action plans that are easily and effectively executed to bring you great results. That’s where your magic lies. That’s where you live from your heart and soul.
Start small.
Have fun.
Learn to balance inspiration with logic.
Do it more.
Grow big.
Do what feeds your soul.

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