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Happy New Year!

In the lead up to the end of year, 2014 in review and making plans for 2015, I’ve just been stumped.2015

As a coach, I should be setting example in goal setting, clearly defining what I want to achieve in 2015. I should be motivated and ready to go with each of my goals and actions listed for at least the next month. Planned to a T and motivated and ready to rock !

Well I’m not.

And you know what ? It feels perfect!

I know that I have signed up for a few courses that are resonating with me right now. This will be my ‘to-do’ list for the next 2-3 months. It will be busy and challenging, that’s where I operate best. After that – who knows ? Let’s see what life brings me next. I have set the direction I want to go and grow in. That’s enough right now.

I have two resolutions, 1) Keep doing everything I do and 2) Self-care routine will include more back-minding exercises in my daily routine. My carcass is begging for this, not a spring chicken any more.

And you know what ? there is nothing else right now.

If I am to have a happy new year, then I know all I need to do is everything I am doing already. I know I’m on the right course when I quit trying to figure it all out. Just be me and go with what is coming up for me. In terms of happiness, this is what worked over the last 3 years. Every little whisper, nudge and synchronicity led me to a course or workshop that has helped strip off old pains, hurts and a ton of baggage. All that remains is happiness.

So this year, I’m just going to be happy and what will make it a real happy year is being able to share that with others*

Happy New Year to you!

* When I talk about happiness, it’s important to note that I’m not a happy-clappy type coach who is shouting about how wonderful life is and “go-get-it” from the roof-tops. I’m more a happiness inside type coach, call it ‘peace and quiet’ type happiness! Living life without the drama. But sure as heck I can help you find your peace, your motivation, your big dream – whatever it may be!!!