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Navigating Wellbeing Diversity: Strategies for Tailored Employee Engagement

Navigating Wellbeing Diversity: Strategies for Tailored Employee Engagement

Recently I had a conversation with a manager about a Wellbeing afternoon she had recently held for her Staff (30+ attendees).

Some of the staff gave negative feedback after the event, saying they would have preferred to have the hours spent at the event as free/off-work time.

This particular manager was quite philosophical about it, saying

you’re never going to please everyone all of the time”.

[To note in this business case, time off work is not an option].

It’s true – you won’t please everyone all of the time.

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So how to approach Wellbeing needs of your staff?

It’s important to keep in mind that Wellbeing has a different meaning to everyone at different times.

There are many models for Wellbeing, but the simple one I like is – addressing the Needs in our 4 different Bodies.

Examples of the Needs for each of the 4 bodies.

1. Physical: exercise, nutrition, sleep

2. Emotional: connection, support, empathy

3. Mental: learning, stimulation, mindfulness

4. Spiritual: reflection, meditation, inspiration

What fills those Needs:

  1. Physical: outdoor activity or walk in nature
  2. Emotional: group discussion and sharing circle
  3. Mental: mindfulness practice and gratitude journaling
  4. Spiritual: guided meditation and visualization exercises

Tips for Managers & Leaders:

  • Having a blend of Wellbeing events, structured as a program is hugely beneficial to your staff
  • Start small, low budget. Focus on consistency in a program
  • Ask for feedback and ideas for future wellbeing events
  • Bring awareness to the program and to which Body/Need is the focus for each session
  • Be cognisant that your go-to solution is not on ‘rinse and repeat’ and that your overall program has variety, so that over-time, everyone and every Body-Needs are met.

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Change: friend or fiend?

Change: friend or fiend?

Change is inevitable. There is something unique about every day and life is constantly moving forward. But there is routine – about 75% of our actions, thoughts, habits, schedule is repetitive in nature. When change happens, it can feel seismic, regardless of whether it was expected or unexpected or if it is desired or unwelcome in out lives.



What is self-love anyhow?

What is self-love anyhow?

If you buy into the belief that our true purpose here on earth is to learn to love ourselves, well then how do you know that you’re doing a good job? or even that you DO love yourself?

Love can be hard enough to define when it comes to relationships. It often becomes a question of is it love or just excitement and novelty for new relationships and with longer lasting relationships – is it love or is it just comfortable?

The question for our own self love can be even more difficult to quantify.

Here’s a bash at some points that you may find useful in breaking down the love puzzle!

  • Do you accept and embrace yourself for who you are?
  • Do you give yourself permission to do the things you love to do?
  • Do you fill your cup?
  • Do you express yourself in an authentic way?
  • Do you behave and act in a way that is really you?
  • Do you accept your journey in life and where you are at today?
  • Do you think kind and loving thoughts about yourself?
  • Do you give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from it?
  • Do you create time to play and have fun?
  • Do you allow others to support you?

Is by no means extensive and our self-love needs to be in many directions. We need to love our physically bodies, our personality and emotional traits and then of course our spiritual self is another aspect that we need to embrace as it truly holds our feelings of connection to the world around us and our sense of purpose. In other words – what the hell are we really here for beyond paying the bills right ?

It’s possible to be really good in one direction and absolutely empty in love for ourselves in another. You will know if this is happening as your life will feel quite lob-sided and unhappy or even frustrating.

So what do we really get from self-love?

In my own experience and working with others, it can be quiet a journey to get to having any lasting sense of self-love.

Here’s how some of us would describe it:

More positive mind chatter and less listening to the nagging inner critic.

Feeling passionate about things we have in our lives.

Wanting and willing to go for ‘more’ in multiple directions in our lives.

Better relationships all round and attracting more positive people into our lives.

Confidence and getting on with things we want to do easier.

Happiness and the feeling of ‘I’m me in the world and loving being me’.


Wishing you love on your journey to loving you xo



Alignment: (defn) a position of agreement or alliance

Meaning: you are finally ‘at one’ with yourself

I’ve been hanging about with coaches and entrepreneurs for the past year. It’s been a mixed year, every emotion possible has popped in at some point. Light and shadow, it’s made it’s appearance. Which is wonderful! because it is in the contrast in life, in our experiences and within ourselves, that we learn, make choices and find our truth and alignment.

Now that we are coming to the end of the year, it’s a huge time for reflection and of course planning for 2016. But I’ll get to the planning part later. Let’s go deeper into the reflection.


Reflecting on 2015…

  • It was my first year creating my coaching business.
  • All year I supported myself by being in business programs or working with 1:1 coaches or mentors
  • I created all the nuts and bolts for my online business
  • I wrote the first draft of my book (after thrashing most of the rev 0)
  • In addition to paying clients, I did many free coaching sessions and webinars
  • At the end of the year, I lead my first in-person workshop – The Art of Empowerment.
    • It had been a year since I wrote the outline for the workshop to actually doing it.
    • It was a almost four years to the very day since I sat attending my first spiritual / personal development workshop wondering what the heck I had let myself in for !
  • I’m ending the year with a huge feeling of clarity and being totally aligned with what I do and teach. Definitely a milestone!


And this is the journey that it took me get really clear on my message and get started proper!. It  took every bit of that experimenting and writing to get the clarity. I truly believe that there are no shortcuts in this phase. Perhaps there are none in life!

In fact, it’s often what people struggle with; the lack of clarity. That big question of ‘what is it that I really do ?’.  It’s kinda like the classic question of ‘what will I be when I grow up?’ for entrepreneurs and coaches.

In many  ways, I am gifted with and grateful for my ‘big story’ i.e. the painful part of my life where I was just a tad emotionally lost. Others have said it is easy for me, because that story and more so the lessons I learned getting out of it, is now what I teach.  That’s the clarity. While this is true, the work done in the years getting out of that story are not to be underestimated!

Alignment is when you can see your story and tell it with love and detachment. It no longer touches you, but inspires others

You can only see the lessons in it when you are truly out of it and beyond it.

Alignment is when you have found peace.


For everyone there is a ‘story’. The story is the story of finding alignment. The only thing that is  different between us is that very story of what brought us to finding our alignment. Our journeys on the outside may look differently. The inner journey is pretty much the same; healing, releasing and forgiving – to bring us to self-love at a deep level. That’s alignment.

When we can find self-love and love the story that brought us to it, we have alignment.