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How Coaching Enhances Business Success

Sometimes, those of us who are into coaching struggle to explain why it's so darn helpful. Whether we're the coach or the one getting coached, we usually just share success stories to prove our point. But that doesn't cut it. If you're curious about coaching, getting...

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Change: friend or fiend?

Change is inevitable. There is something unique about every day and life is constantly moving forward. But there is routine - about 75% of our actions, thoughts, habits, schedule is repetitive in nature. When change happens, it can feel seismic, regardless of whether...

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Creating Magical Momentum

Is it already that time of the year when the New Year’s resolutions and promises are wearing thin or perhaps have disappeared completely? Don’t give up just yet or file them under ‘next year’ because it takes weeks if not months to create a new habit. And even when we...

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Permission to Dream

I've noticed that one thing that people who self-confess that they are lacking in confidence or perhaps have gotten stuck in a rut have got in common - they lack dreams for their future. I'm hugely into being happy and content in our lives right now and I don't...

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What is self-love anyhow?

If you buy into the belief that our true purpose here on earth is to learn to love ourselves, well then how do you know that you're doing a good job? or even that you DO love yourself? Love can be hard enough to define when it comes to relationships. It often becomes...

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Can you have it all ?

Holler! Calling 40-ish’ers with a solid job that pays the bills and provides well for your family. Is this you? The question I am often asked is:  can that same JOB be "something that lights me up?"  or "Can I have it all?" My answer in a nutshell is YES! a resounding...

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Breaking Resistance

For anyone who notices RESISTANCE cropping up (that's all of us!!) any time we try to do something creative, the book "The War of Art" by Stephen Pressfield  is a must read.  Read on for my book review...  1. What drew you to this book? I first came across the book on...

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