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Awesome! Amazing! Alright!

Since the start of the year my world has grown. In other words I’ve connected to many amazing women in the land of Facebook Groups. This isn’t just pen-pal stuff, some of these have grown into real friendships and connections. It seems that we all live in our own ‘village’ in real life where there are limited number of people around us in our real lives that are of the same mind-set as us or can share the joys of an entrepreneurial journey. From these international connections, I’ve had to learn what seemed at first some new words.


Let’s just say, that word is more American and not so very popular in the books used in the Irish schooling system.

It was followed soon after into my vocabulary by the  appearance of Amazing!. Oh hello! you’re new around here too.
I have to admit I had that inward rolling of eyes and fingers stuck in ears going ‘la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaa’ to drown it out the first few times it was directed towards me.
Why? Because those words – awesome and amazing just didn’t sit right. They simply didn’t fit. Too big, too heavy and just not me.

Apparently I picked up some other phrases quicker and I got a raised eyebrow one night when I used the term ‘have to get my brave on’ by one of my local friends. That surprised me – didn’t we always say that ?

So why do some phrases fit well and others are just ick?

Of course it’s what they mean to us. Having to be brave just rolled off my tongue. The words and the meaning just totally resonated. Hence the adoption into my phrase book and wearing it like a second skin.

But the A words? Awesome ? Amazing? cue nervous laughter and quick change in topic when those arose.

It was simply language and words that I wasn’t used to using about myself or certainly hearing others use either.

We were more of the Alright types. Of course that word could be used in so many ways :

{a short  5 second guide to the use of ‘alright’ in Ireland}

alright? – is everything ok

alright! – we agree, decision made

alright >:( – its far from alright but I’m leaving the conversation before I blow up

she’s alright {from man referring to a woman} – he’s possibly truly and madly in love with her and this is his deepest term of affection

alright-y! – let’s get this party started
So back to my new words – Awesome! and Amazing!
Therein lies the challenge. Whatever it is that irks us the most, upsets or upends us, is what we need.
We need it like we need to breathe. It’s coming to us for a reason. It’s something we need to learn.
We need to sit with until it starts to feel darn comfortable, rolls off our tongue and fits us like a glove.

Whatever the (good) word is …

Keep saying it.

 Keep using it.

Keep thinking it.

Keep feeling it.

Eventually it will click into place and feel like “ok! that IS me”.

No more dismissing, downplaying or dashing away from it.

The best compliments can be taken with a ‘thank you’ and of course, a compliment can be returned.

So just as you are today – reading my blog – getting to this last line:

You are Awesome!

You are Amazing!

Just where you are… Alright?!

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