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‘The Secret’ is by no means a secret and anyone who has heard of the Law of Attraction will know the simple recipe – Ask, Believe, Receive. I’ve recently seen it reworded as Ask – Feel – Receive which I think is more on the money. If you can’t feel it, it’s not going to come anywhere near your plate, door or wherever it needs to arrive in your space.

But just as Julie Andrews famously sang in ‘Do-re-mi’ with the Von Trapp children – let’s start at the very beginning…

Ask: to tell somebody that you would like tem to do something or that you would like something to happen [oxford dictionary]

Simple right ?


I’ve just noticed recently that I don’t always ask. It’s not a general theme around here. There are times when I’ve asked for help or answers to questions and received the answers literally within the hour. So my hotline to the Universe is good, well tried and tested at this stage! It seems though that the ‘bigger’ the impact of the change, the harder the ‘ask’.


It’s not about deserving.AskReceive


It’s not about any fears or doubts.


It’s not about belief.


It’s not about alignment.


I noticed that at some level I was blocked in being able to Receive. Little shifts, help, support, answers, synchonicities and all the good stuff that I can receive on a day to day basis is fine. The ‘bigger’ ticket items were posing more of a problem. Sub-conscious stuff – check. Self-sabotaging at it’s best – check.


When this came to my awareness it was a bit of a jumble and some ‘ah-ha’ moments colliding into each other. Life is always changing, so expect it to happen. The past few years have been leading to this point, no turning back now! This is what I’ve been wanting. It’s only fair that I get these things – it’s not even ‘special treatment’!! Once you heal your suff and your story, life does actually become good AND really good things start to happen, this is it!! It doesn’t matter ‘how’ things arrive to you or from where, all you need to do is accept them. You can’t receive if you are blocking your own path. And finally, a big loud “it’s okay to receive, other people do too”.


When I got these thoughts sorted out and straightened up; I shouted out my ASKs and then stepped aside and made way for the good things to be delivered in my door.


Over to you!

So tell me – what are you ready to receive ?
Got it ? – please just go ask for it!