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How To Shift Your Energy In One Minute

Part of being human is to experience life through feeling. There is no getting away from our emotions, they go hand in hand with our thoughts and each emotion has an energy associated with it. I hate to use the labels ‘good’ and ‘bad’, but there is a positive to the negative scale with energy and our emotions.

It is our choice where we want to be.

Even in challenging times, we can find the positive, find our happy. Even if it is a momentarily escape from our problems and challenges, we can create the shift. It’s like strengthening a muscle: the more we practice the easier the habit becomes.

Here’s a tried and tested way to shift your energy in just one minute:
(you’ll thank me for hours ahead!)

1. Find somewhere comfy to sit,  put down the phone, take a deep breath and relax.

2. Imagine yourself looking down on yourself right now, as if you are in a helicopter, take in the full view of the picture of what is going on right now.

What is really upsetting you? What are your worries? Who’s getting on your wick? What seems like to much? What do you not want to deal with? What is stressing you out? What do you need to resolved with those nearest and dearest to you? Where are you stuck?

Collect up these thoughts and say to yourself ‘when I leave this place I am sitting, I will leave these thoughts and energy behind me’.

3. Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 where is your energy?

4. Ask yourself what score between 1-10 would be good ? (hopefully a higher number than in previous question!)

5. Close your eyes and ask yourself – what is the one thing I need to do right now to shift my energy ?

Let the answer come to you. Don’t try figure it out as a ‘plan’. It’s likely to be something in the vein of fun, switching off, rest etc.

Your answer:

If it is something you can do now – go do it.
If it is something you need to do later – schedule it.

Smile. Know that you are on the right track. Leave your worries and all your negative energy behind you as you get up from where you have been sitting.  Everything gets done when it needs to. Everything happens at exactly the right time.

Make peace with now. Look forward to the future with a smile. Embrace life, challenges included. It’s not meant to be perfect or easy but we can put whatever labels or positive / negative spin on it that we want.

Follow your guidance, the answer that you got. This is your answer, coming from within, your intuition telling you what is best for you to do right now. This is your answer on how best to shift your energy, feel more positive and be more resourced to deal with everything in your life.

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