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Going to school this morning, the kids were chatting about some of the teenagers that they know and the various ‘mad’ colours that they had dyed their hair. Reds, blue and white, wine like their uniforms (which they could not get at all as being a cool colour!). They asked me if I had ever dyed my hair as a teenager and I had to laugh remembering the time I ended up with a green hue over my new brown locks many years ago. It was sort of like that blue hue that those dying their hair black got when they over did it.

After chatting some more and telling more cringing tales of teenage styles in the 80s, I asked them “what are you going to be like when ye are teenagers?”  Both replied: just normal.

After I dropped them off, I started thinking – is my life anything like what I thought it would be when I was young ? As a teenager – what were my hopes and dreams ? Certainly my life seems to have taken a different path to what I had planned. Quiet a few twists and turns and ups and downs. We often think back, older and wiser, and can easily identify what advice we would give to our younger teenage self. What would you say to your teenage self ? What would be on your list of things to do ?

So what about now? Do any of those words of advice that you would give to your teenage self still apply ? Is there a way you want to “be” that doesn’t require you to change your job / location / relationships ?

If you were to sit and think of yourself when you are 80 years old – what would that 80 year old version of yourself say to you right now ? What comes up for you? Do you dare to start thinking about some of those things ?

If 80 is too far -what about your next big ‘0’ Birthday ? When you hit 30 , 40, 50 or 60 – what would you want to say that you have done in the last decade ? What will you celebrate ?

What do you not have in your life right now that you want to have then ?

P.S. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years in my life where I will be raising the most ‘normal’ teenagers that ever graced the planet!!