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For those who are masters of manifesting – dream, visualise, stay focused, meditate, pray, take all the inspired action to get you there,, reach out for help, open to receiving, allow time for creativity, affirmations, beliefs, more meditations, do anything and everything to keep your vibe high.

You’re a breath away from your dream manifesting and then voila! The gremlins come to town, completely scrambling your plans. It’s as if they have ripped up the road that was ahead of you.

What do you do ?

Cry, scream, throw a tantrum, hiss, spit, stomp your feet… Do whatever you need to do and get it out!
Nothing is ever lost.

Look at the mess as a lesson.

An unfolding.

Directing you to something better.

So maybe you’ve had enough of the lessons or could do without this but rather than trying to figure out the answer to the endless question of whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

The gremlins have scrambled and you have 2 choices:            Quit   or   carry on.
{If you chose quit, hit the X on the top right corner of this browser window. Otherwise carry on reading!}

Is it as if someone had imposed a set of rules that you hadn’t thought about.


Lesson: rules are only made for those who believe in themgremlins

I’m not encouraging you to break any rules.

Some non-breaking rules to ask yourself

Do they really apply to me ?

What do I need to do to get around them ?

What are my options?

How can I get close enough to pass ?


Reconnect with your dream.

Go back to your why, your motivation behind what it is you want to manifest. If you have a vision board or plans sketched or written, go back to that point. Ask yourself – do I still want this? If the answer is yes, ask yourself – how do I make this happen? The answer will come.

Work with people calmly.

We don’t do drama, unless of course you want more of it. Do you really want to get into a spiral of drama that will only drag you down further. Drama solves nothing. In fact it pushes people and what you desire further away from you. Ask for help. Be open to receiving it.

Be creative.

If your path forward is really and truly gone, find your plan B. So you might not have thought of a plan B. That doesn’t mean that you cannot think of one now. Switch your focus to getting creative. Take some time out to relax and get away where you can just be with your thoughts. Immerse yourself in nature or some light creative work (adult colouring books or mandalas are great!). Divine inspiration and ideas may not happen right in the moment. But you do have a better chance of getting those light bulb moments though if you do switch off for a while.

Trust like a mofo.
{This is one of my new favourite phrases}

Sometimes when I say trust, people just don’t know just to what extent I mean.
Bringing you back to the Universal principle – your dreams were given to you for a reason. Especially if your manifesting or intention is relating to your life purpose, your dreams will manifest, that is a given. Trust might be the hardest thing for you to do. But you have to do it. Trust that everything that happens is bringing you to your best self.

A redirect is never a no.

A redirect can bring you to the richness of life. It’s like driving around hills or forests or the coastal areas in life with the sun-roof down, sun on your face, breeze blowing your hair and smelling the breeze. The direct route may have been like driving on the freeway, stuck in traffic and sucking on the fumes of the car ahead.

Trust that you will get there and you will.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right!

– Henry Ford



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