Peace. Passion. Purpose.

Join this Group program to learn how to shift out of mind-chatter

and limits and lean into living from your heart and soul.

This program teaches you in very practical ways how to shift your focus to more of what your soul craves: peace, passion and purpose. Embracing your soul’s needs is what brings empowerment and allows you to show up in life in a different way.

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams


Create habits that truly help you to be your best-self; affirmations and daily routines that help you tune into YOU and your needs. Time to fill your cup so you have more to give those around you.
Discover the joy that comes when you can just ‘be’, to tune out of the endless mind-chatter and show up in life more present and engaged.
Get clear on your boundaries and make them more loving than ever before, so that you find your peaceful place in the world where you and all those around you, respect and love who you are.


Time to bring in the good stuff! Learn how to spark joy in your life so that you have more zest and fun ! yep! even when dealing with the mundane in your life.
Discover what unconditional love and receiving mean in your life and how to allow it in.
Unleash your creative side, find what fuels you, and rediscover what fun is for you again. Adulting isn’t always about hard work. It’s about making life work!


Leaning into your intuition and inner wisdom is what brings you into alignment with your purpose in life (whether you know it yet or are somewhat on the journey). Our intuition truly holds the blueprint to our best success.
Anchor in your feelings, your desires and see how synchronicities unfold to bring magic into your life on a daily basis. Growth and acceleration on your journey guaranteed!
Stepping into your power, being authentic in every way and moving beyond the stories, limiting beliefs, labels and rules that don’t serve you. Don’t worry – I’ll hold your hand!!!

“Noelle is such an amazing coach and mentor”

“Authentic and real, she always speaks from the heart. She helps you to shed your fears & limiting beliefs, and she gives you a wonderful new perspective on life. When I look back on the last (almost) six months of being in her program, I am amazed at how far I’ve come since the program’s inception. Thank you, Noelle, for your huge, giving heart and your dedication to helping other people to stand in their greatness. I can’t wait to re-enroll in the program and see what adventures await!”

– Kristy Crippen
Administrative Services Professional

This 6 month program is for you if you are ready to …

  • Drop the drama and learn to live by your intuition
  • Learn to create boundaries in your life and business
  • Befriend your inner critic and overcome resistance so that you can get stuff done
  • Raise your vibration and ability to attract, manifest and co-create with ease
  • Develop a sense of happiness in every day (yes! it’s truly possible)
  • Follow your purpose and passions in life with renewed zest and belief in yourself

Peace. Passion. Purpose – yes, it can all be yours

Interested or curious to find out more?

Let’s have a chat and see if this program is the right one for you!

Follow this link to find a time that suits us both.

Program commences 14th September 2017

What’s Included:


Program duration = 6 months

Bi-weekly coaching calls for the group

Private Facebook community for the members of this program where you can post questions and get my support and from those joining you in this program.

Membership site:

Lifetime access to the members area

18 modules – videos and workbooks covering a wide range of topics, all in support of bringing you more peace, passion and purpose in your life!

The workbooks will help your practice and embed great habits into your life.

Bonus material:  meditations and guided visualisations for you to use as you wish to help with continual mindset and energy shifts.

Group Program

Join this Group program to learn how to shift out of mind-chatter and limits and lean into living from your heart and soul.

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