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Noelle Goggin

Get more from your life.

You know that your intuition holds the answers you need to bring lasting change and true success,

I'll teach you to listen to yours.

You truly have all your answers within.

I help women to access that inner wisdom that brings success.

There's no magic plans out there or 6-step formulas, just you learning to be true to you. Always.

It’s time to ditch the drama of the ego and tune into more of what’s really important in your life; peace, passion and purpose. I work with women who want to step up in their lives but know that there’s something holding them back. Old stories, beliefs or fears, we work through the layers on a journey to you becoming the person you were born to be. It’s time to get out of your own way. Time to feel empowered.

Don’t you want to see this version of you in action?

It’s time to heal and let go of your past,
start living the life you were born to Live.

You know most of what hold us back are just stories that we’ve bought into at some point. That doesn’t mean they’re true. Re-writing your life, love and money stories to what you want them to be, means that you will attract better experiences, realities and what you desire into your life.

Living without old limitations means more confidence, feminine power, zest, fulfilment and manifesting great experiences.

Are you ready?



In this Spiritual development program, we dive into rewriting stories and limiting beliefs, to bring you in alignment with your true self. You will learn to listen to your intuition and step into your power so that you can go after and create what is already destined as yours.



Join this Group program to learn how to shift out of mind-chatter and limits and lean into living from your heart and soul. This program teaches you in very practical ways how to shift your focus to more of what your soul craves: peace, passion and purpose. Embracing your soul’s needs is what brings empowerment and allows you to show up in life in a different way – the woman you want to be.



Join me for on-line webinars and workshops – or even better! Can you make it to in-person events, retreats and more?!

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Life Truths

- I wish I had learned in school

Get your sample copy of my upcoming book... rediscover the Truths that will bring deeper happiness, healing so that you can live out your very best existence.

My Latest Thoughts

I’m known for insights, wisdom and reframes in my writing, join me here for some words that will sparkle your soul.. and as always, feel free to share.

We’ve broken life

Many people go through periods of suffering, pain and grief where life feels very broken. Death, illness, divorce, redundancy or job loss, adjusting to empty nesting, relationship breakdown and other losses, challenges, disappointments and difficult times that life...

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Just do today

Today is Day 25. 25 days since schools were closed in Ireland. To quote my daughter today 'this shit's getting old'. One thing I'm *not* going to remind her of right now is the stark fact that we are not there yet. At this time we do not know if the schools will...

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“Thank you for the energising, inspiring empowerment workshop, there were light bulb moments galore.”

The work we did was truly magical and seems to have happened on a spiritual, mental, physical and even emotional level. But the real test is it is practical and manageable. I’ve even put some of the new concepts in my daily reminder so as to let the simplicity of them drop in. What a great launchpad for the year ahead, feel like I got my wings.


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