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You know that your intuition holds the answers you need to bring lasting change and true success,

I'll teach you to listen to yours.

You truly have all your answers within.

I help women to access that inner wisdom that brings success.

There's no magic plans out there or 6-step formulas, just you learning to be true to you. Always.

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June 2017

Follow Your Purpose


We all have a purpose in life, something beyond our list of chores and paying bills.

It’s following our purpose, that lights us up and brings that true sense of fulfillment to our lives.

It’s living beyond the feeling that you’re on the hamster-wheel as you do more of what you love and are drawn to.

You were put on this earth to acheive your greatest self, to live out your purpose and to do it courageously. 

– Dr Steve Maraboli

Program runs weekly on Thursday evenings for the month of June, in Dublin city center.

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Starting May 6th 2017

Soul Empowerment Coach Training


Make a new career or use as an add-on for your existing one, helping others to Heal, Improve and Empower themselves, their relationships and their lives.
‘SE Coaching’ is a healing modality that focuses on emotional intelligence and skills, spiritual awareness and patterns, energy sensitivity and healing and life coaching with 1-1 skills.

A Truly Gratifying Career and skill-set for You!!!

‘SE Coaching’ will train you to help others to improve relationships starting with the SELF, gain the understanding, skills and confidence to help, heal and empower others in the same way.

After successfully completing the One Year Diploma Course you will be accredited as a “Soul Empowerment Coach” with the skills Certified by FETAC at Level 6.