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We spend so much time looking for news and information. Smartphones with a range of apps to keep us up to date, news feeds, facebook feeds, TV, email, radio and heaven forbid if we ran short with all of that we can still revert to print newspapers and magazines.
Why do we need all this information?
What are we stuffing our brains with?
What difference is all the news making in your life?
Is it a source of inspiration?
Or does it leave you hanging and waiting around for the next installment and update?

Sometimes we do need information to help us make decisions but more often than not we are using this super information highway as a path to occupy our minds. To give us something to think about. To ponder or worry about. While it’s good to keep up with what is going on in the world, it’s good to question if you are overindulging. Are you fattening your mind while starving your authentic self of what it would rather be doing ?

Could you possibly live without all that information and news feed? Perhaps you do already or have a restricted diet!
What would you do with your time instead?

Take a moment to think about your whole life. Think about yourself as a golden ok