This is me.


You know that your intuition holds the answers you need to bring lasting change and true success,

I'll teach you to listen to yours.

You truly have all your answers within.

I help women to access that inner wisdom that brings success.

There's no magic plans out there or 6-step formulas, just you learning to be true to you. Always.


It’s been five years since I swore my life had to change. I wasn’t sure if it could be different, how it could be different or what I needed to do to make it different. I only knew that I was done with the version that I was living.

From that day, my spiritual journey began.

So many gifts, experiences and changes along the way that I’m unrecognisable to myself as that emotionally lost and burned out version that I once was.

I’ve learned to change the main stories and themes in my life and healed relationships that were antagonistic and causing so much pain on a daily basis. I’ve also unravelled my relationship with money and found the real meaning of love. It’s a totally different experience of life to what I had and exactly the way I want it.

Empowered and living from my soul – doing the things I love in life and making my life one that I love more and more each day.

What I do

I’m a qualified Life and Business Coach, Soul Empowerment Coach, NLP practitioner, Reiki Master and an Intuitive Healer.

I work with clients in many ways to bring healing, release (unlocking limiting beliefs, forgiving your past, changing your self-talk, shifting your energy, bolstering your boundaries and up-levelling your worth and feelings of deserving) and create lasting shifts.

It’s work that allows you to let go of what’s not serving you so that you open space in your energy to do the things you love, be creative and have fun in a way that’s true to you.

I work with clients in 1:1 and Group programs and also love holding events. Check out what’s on offer here.

Random stuff about me

Soul loves:

Lunches with my girlfriends, meditation, writing – preferably on days where I get to wear my fluffy socks and it helps somewhat if I get to snuggle in a soft purple fleece blanket.


Body loves:

Serious love for Thai curries (Panang or red please) and Chai tea. Not very Irish of me either not being a spud (potato) fan, unless it’s a sweet potato of course! Lover of herbal teas and smoothies! Yoga and Pilates. Long walks with our Samoyed on the hills around south Dublin.



The Universe seemed to remember for me just how much I love to travel and provided the opportunity for 40,000 miles of travel in 2016. Singapore, Phuket and Sedona were absolute treats. Yes to more of seeing our beautiful planet.


Our soul has a purpose. When we follow it, it brings growth and expansion. It also gives us an internal sense of reward that requires no external validation.

Like what you are reading?

What to find out how I can help you?

Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where your heart takes you.

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.

“Thank you for an inspiring workshop.”

The exercises we worked through raised many questions within me, and your guidance and the group discussions were a great help. I left the workshop feeling energised and ready to make positive changes in my life. I loved the format of the day and you pitched everything perfectly.


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